Mental evidence of the Imamate


  • Bushra Yas Khudair College of Islamic Sciences / Quranic Sciences University of Babylon


Kindness rule_ mind_ Evidence Imamate


At the end of what my research reached, I concluded that kindness is a rational rule, and the content of the hadith revolves around two premises, the first is the imam's kindness, and the second is that kindness is obligatory on God. The door of kindness to His servants and raising them towards righteousness and prosperity), the Most High said: ﴾ Your Lord has ordained mercy for Himself﴿ (Al-An’am 54)

 Kindness: It is everything that feeds and raises the need of human society towards righteousness and prosperity, so appointing an imam among people after the Messenger is obligatory on God. Because it is kindness, as we said, that feeds the needs of human society. It is not the mind that obliges kindness to God Almighty, God forbid - but rather, God Almighty is the one who obliges kindness to himself, and it is said kindness out of politeness. or being obligatory; Because God knows the human community needs the presence of a just imam who enjoins what is right and forbids what is wrong. If we suppose that the responsible person knows the costs of perfecting the rulings, then he must have an imam who establishes justice, supports the oppressed, and reprimands the oppressor. Thus, people will be closer to obedience and farther from disobedience