Objections of Ibn Al-Fakhar Al-Nahwi (d. 754 AH) in his book Explanation of sentences )letters as a model(


  • Haider Mohsen Fahd Hammoud Univisrtyof Babylon-College Of Literature
  • Wael Abdel-Amir Khalil Al-Harbi Univisrtyof Babylon-College Of Literature


The objection, the issue, Ibn al-Fukhar, Basrans, Kufis


This is a study in the most important grammatical objections of Ibn al-Fukhar in his book (Explanation of the sentences). grammatical rules, and the aim of this study is to reach the grammatical base and the safest grammatical origin of the Arabic language for the purpose of building solid grammatical rules to which all grammatical adoptions refer in order to reach the ultimate goal (Preserving the Arabic language from error, melody, and pronunciation of classical Arabic as it was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an) according to the original rules and regulations that were laid down on it. These objections included various grammatical doctrines and collective and individual opinions, and thus this movement and academic attraction contributed to giving flexibility and dynamism in the field of grammatical research. It is chosen by Him, Glory be to Him, as the language of His Glorious Book (the Holy Qur’an), just as it is the language of poetry that our fathers sang with, which is considered (the collection of the Arabs), conveying their exploits and describing their days. Grammatical issues involved various schools of thought that met and conflicted, and many grammatical schools emerged that contributed to the expansion and spread of this linguistic heritage and the stabilization of its rules. The grammatical issues that were agreed upon by most of the public or grammar sheikhs were called choices, and those in which they disagreed were called objections, and we will come to some of those. Grammatical models and then adopting the opinions of its greatest scholars. The purpose of the research is to determine the most sound grammatical opinion on which the grammatical rule can be based.