Coordination thinking and its relationship to mental motivation among Diyala University stud


  • Maha Jassam Mohammed Diyala Education Directorate: National Primary


Mental Motivation, Diyala University, students


The current search aims to learn about : 1- Coordination thinking skills of Diyala University students Faculty of Basic Education Department of History.2- Coordination thinking skills relate to mental motivation among students of Diyala University Faculty of Basic Education Department of History .The research community consists of ( 600 ) students from the Faculty of Basic Education of the Department of History, and since the research community is different, a sample of (400) Students from Diyala University Faculty of Basic Education/Morning Studies for the academic year (2022-2023), for the third and fourth occasions and selected in a randomized manner. In order to achieve the research objectives, the researcher Tini selected coordinating thinking skills for Rashid-2022 for his research . In the light of the research's current objectives, the researcher has reached the following findings :. 1- Diyala University students have coordination thinking skills2- A statistically significant relationship between coordinating thinking skills and mental motivation .In the light of the research findings, the researcher drew a number of conclusions, recommendations and proposals :Conclusions :1- The total self-reliance of the University's students at this stage is the acquisition of many skills, which has given rise to the ability to make decisions and thereby increase their level of thinking and mental motivation ..2- The students of the university at this stage have high confidence in their abilities and demonstrate a great desire to accomplish their tasks and duties as they persevere in accomplishing the tasks assigned to them to achieve educational objectives ..Recommendations :1- The adoption by university professors of modern teaching methods that will develop the skills of coordinating thinking and mental motivation .2- Curriculum makers in the Ministries of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research take into account the inclusion in the curriculum of topics of developing students' coordination thinking skills .Proposals :1-In order to complement the relevant aspects of this research, the researcher proposes to conduct the following future research on coordination thinking skills and their relationship to achievement among students at other levels of education such as elementary, middle and preparatory .2- Coordination thinking skills relate to a number of cognitive variables such as attainment, cognitive autonomy and concepts .