Occupying Ideology In the Iraqi Novel After 2012 AD


  • Ahmed Rashid Alddah University of Babylon College of Education for Human Sciences Department of Arabic Language - Literature
  • Zainab Mohammed Abboud University of Babylon College of Education for Human Sciences Department of Arabic Language - Literature


the occupier, ideology, the Iraqi novel, structuralism, Goldman, consciousness


Ideology is linked to the interests of the groups that struggle to reach political power, in a way of thinking that works to preserve the present and denies any attempt at change. It finds in itself an absolute truth that cannot be contested. The intellectual system of the American occupier appeared in Iraq, coupled with the endeavor to pass its discourse opposed to other discourses, and the founder of goals closely related to expediency and self-interest alike. it in Iraq. Literature is not far from political transformations, so ideology breaks into the fictional text as a primary material, or an aesthetic component that is transformed in the hands of the writer who transcends the individual self, and expresses the group to which he belongs or expresses it, into a means of formulating his fictional world. Hence, we worked under the umbrella of formative structuralism, In an approach to the narrative narrative narratives in the achievement of a group of Iraqi novelists, each creative work represents a part of it, we can achieve a better understanding of it by putting it in the whole, after we approach its superficial structure in the stage of understanding up to interpretation to reveal the deep structure of significance, and then link it to what is Broader and more comprehensive, and we want the Iraqi social, cultural and economic reality in the stage in which the Iraqi novelist wrote for his novelist achievement. Thus, it departed from the formative structuralism whose mechanisms Lucian Goldman sat on - the formative structuralism, which was unable to transcend the closed world of the creative text, contenting itself with analyzing the structure in an inductive analysis, without going beyond that to deducing the far from the semantics, behind these patterns, as does the formative structuralism. This study revealed what was monitored by the Iraqi novel of a relationship based on symmetry between the structures of Iraqi novelist creativity, and the mental structures that prevail in the group in three axes.