Space and time in the novel" The Living in Truth" by Naguib Mahfouz, an analytical study


  • Khalid Mohammed Yassin Anbar University/ College of Arts


novel, place, time, Naguib Mahfouz, living in truth


Space and time in the modern novel play a prominent role in shaping the sensual and imaginary image of the recipient, especially in historical novels that rely heavily on the elements of time and space in narrating events. Through the title, we can discern from the word living the two elements of time and place, as those who live must have a specific time and a specific place The place is the network of relationships, visions, and viewpoints that unite with each other to construct the narrative space in which the events will take place. The place is organized with the same precision as the elements. other in the novel. The embodiment of place in the novel differs from the embodiment of time, as the place represents the background in which the events of the novel take place, while time is represented in these events themselves and their development. in events. There is another phenomenon that has great importance in shaping the world of the novel, which is giving a spatial dimension to abstract facts, i.e. the role of (image) in shaping human thought As for time, its concept remains the most fluid in defining it and revealing its essence as an abstract reality that we do not perceive explicitly, but we perceive it in living things and things. Therefore, the concept of time created difficulty for the researcher in any scientific, philosophical or literary field. Time is the true spirit of existence and its inner fabric. It is tilted in us with its invisible movement when it is past, present, or future. These times are lived by man and constitute his existence, in addition to the fact that time is external, eternal, and infinite, working in the universe and creatures, and exerting its action on those around it .