The Impact of vices on the fall of civilization


  • Mohammed Hamza Al-Shaibani University of Babylon / Faculty of Islamic Sciences / Department of Quran Sciences.
  • Naqaa Ali Hassan University of Babylon / Faculty of Islamic Sciences Department of Quran Sciences


injustice, luxury, luxury, corruption, civilization, land


The Holy Qur’an raised the mind on good judgment, reasoning and argument to know the truth, and this way of thinking implies the order of results and premises. Lost, forcing people, and arrogance, the fate of those will perish. Civilization is not material progress. Rather, moral values, belief in the oneness of God, and righteous deeds are the real basis for building civilization, while abandoning values means civilization downfall and destruction. God hates injustice because It is common in any society, even if the oppressors are Muslims, and the impact of vices in the downfall of civilization is emphasized by the Holy Qur’an. This is because God, His Majesty, does not accept that the Islam of Muslims from among His servants should intercede for them in committing injustice and usurping the rights of others. God in His servants will recompense the societies in which justice is common, in the abode of the world, even if its people are infidels, then this same Sunnah decrees that he will punish the societies in which injustice is common, in the world, and that civilization remains, lives, and continues as long as the network of social relations is sound and strong. If civilization is corrupted, it will deteriorate and fall, and Islam offers the best solution in achieving justice through the establishment of social justice and the elimination of differences between individuals and classes in order to advance the Arab nation. Safety, security and peace،Islam has taken great care to establish the rule of justice as one of the rules of governance in Islam, as it is the main pillar in the establishment of the Arab Islamic state and Islamic rule. Islam does not really exist in a society that is dominated by injustice and does not know justice. And the Messenger ((peace be upon him)) commanded the establishment of justice among people, he said ((peace be upon him)) “Justice for a day is like worshiping forty years,” and God has prepared for those who judge with justice among people a high position on the Day of Resurrection when God will shade them in His shade on a day when there is no shade but His shade, he said The Messenger of God ((peace be upon him)): There are seven whom God will shade on the Day when there will be no shade but His, and he mentioned the first of these seven, the just Imam. And after abandoning justice unjustly in the eyes of Islam, God Almighty forbade injustice and vilified its people and threatened them with severe punishment on the Day of Resurrection and destruction in this world.