The endowments of Suleiman Abd al-Hadi in Palestine 1253 AH / 1837 AD - 1255 AH / 1839 AD : an analytical study


  • Muhammad Majed Al- Hizmawi Qatar University – College of Arts and Sciences-Department of Humanities.


Suleiman Abd al-Hadi, Nablus, Jenin, Endowment, Nablus Sharia Court


This study aims to investigate the texts of the endowments of Suleiman Abd al-Hadi through tracking the endowed properties of various types, and how the endower obtained the , in addition the conditions set by the endower in each of them. In this study, the researcher relied on several approaches, the most important of which is the historical and analytical approach based on collecting historical scientific material, coordinating and organizing it, then analyzing it and synthesizing the information extracted from legal documents. He also relied on the statistical quantitative approach, which relies on collecting numerical data, presenting it in tables, and analyzing it. The study also relied on the comparative approach by comparing the four endowments and comparing the real estate contained in them with the real estate acquired by the endower contained in various legal records. The study relied mainly on the texts of endowments, in addition to the records of the Nablus Sharia Court. The study was divided into several axes that dealt with the life of the endower, the language of endowments, the conditions of the endower, and endowed real estate. The study concluded with several results, the most important of which is that the endower was able, through his job and influence, to obtain large and illegal real estate, and his family became one of the most important families in the Nablus Mountain region during the period of Egyptian rule over the Levant, which contributed to the arrival of this family to power and leadership, so it combined the real estate and administrative powers, and was a city Nablus, the main nucleus of that family's power . The study was confined to a specific place and time. Temporally, it dealt with the period between1253 AH/1837 AM-1255 AH/1839 AM As for the place, it was the cities of Nablus and Jenin, in addition to other areas where the endower owns certain real estate.