The Qur’anic witness in the subject and the news According to Abu Al-Fath Al-Baali (T.: 709 AH) in his book Al-Fakher


  • Hameed Mazloom Hadi University of Babylon College of Islamic Sciences / Language of Qur'an
  • Hassan Obaid Al Mamouri University of Babylon College of Islamic Sciences Language of Qur'an


Al-Baali, the luxurious, the beginner, the news, the beginning of the no


The Qur’anic witness occupies a large space in the grammatical code. Because the grammarians have the four most reliable texts in establishing language requirements and invoking them, it is their first linguistic support, in addition to other poetic and prose evidence. After the book (Al-Fakher fi Sharh Jamal Abd Al-Qahir) by Abu Al-Fath Al-Baali (d. 709 AH), he discovered among the grammar books that were rich in evoking Qur’anic evidence in several topics that were covered with explanation and clarification , Therefore, this grammatical study was descriptive and analytical of the Qur’anic witness in this valuable book. Al-Baali paid great attention to the Qur’anic witness, and gave it precedence over other evidence. In addition, this brilliant grammarian was not given much attention, as I did not find previous studies on his scientific output except two studies, The first: a doctoral dissertation, written in Baghdad in 2011 AD, entitled: (Muhammad bin Abi al-Fath al-Baali and his linguistic efforts - a descriptive study) by researcher Walid Hamdi Abd Gharib. The other: a master’s thesis written in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2012 AD, entitled: (The foundations of Al-Baali’s grammatical preferences in his book Al-Fakher fi Sharh Jamal Abd Al-Qahir) by the researcher: Rahma bint Bakhit bin Tuwaim Al-Qathami. And eat This is a search for the Qur’anic witness in the subject and the report according to Abu Al-Fath Al-Baali (T.:709 AH) in his book Al-Fakher. The research studied the following issues: the initiation of the predicate, the necessity of introducing the subject, the necessity of delaying the subject, the coming of the news as a divisional sentence, and linking the sentence of the news to the subject, The report was multiplicity), and the study was analytical and descriptive, so that I present the Qur’anic witness at (Al-Baali, T. Opinions on this issue, and most of the issues that are mentioned in this research are deviating from the usual, such as beginning the denial, delaying the news, and other matters .