The effect of the generative learning strategy on the expressive performance of fifth grade literary students


  • Bareq Abdul Hussein Ali Al-Jubouri Directorate General of Education in the province of Babylon


Strategy, Effect, learning, the performance, expression


In order to achieve the goal of the research, the researcher chose in an intentional way the preparatory project for boys, and randomly chose Division (A) to represent the experimental group that studied expression in the style of (generative learning strategy), and Division (B) to represent the control group that studied expression in the usual way, the research sample reached (73) students, with (37) students in the experimental group, and (36) students in the control group. The researcher conducted a statistical equivalence between the students of the two groups in a number of variables, and the researcher himself taught the two research groups, during the duration of the experiment, which lasted a full semester, and after the end of the experiment, the researcher applied a test to the students of the two groups. The researcher used (t-test for two independent samples, chi-squared (Ca2), and Pearson's correlation coefficient) and statistical methods, and after analyzing the results, the researcher concluded: The students of the experimental group outperformed the students of the control group in expressive performance. The researcher reached a set of recommendations, including:In light of the findings of this study, the researcher recommends the following:1- Emphasizing the importance of using the generative learning strategy when teaching expressive performance in the directives of supervisors for teachers of the Arabic language and its teachers, and the need to pay attention to dealing with it and presenting it to students in a way that helps them appreciate literature and not turn them away from it.2- Emphasizing the use of the generative learning strategy in teaching the subject of expression and directing the attention of male and female teachers to use it because of its impact on stimulating the mental processes of students and increasing focus as it constitutes renewal and suspense for students and a move away from the old traditional methods.