The role of local governments in protecting public funds in Iraq


  • Jamil Tarbal Jassim
  • Reda Mohammadi


Governments, constitution, federalism, public money, Protection


After Iraq became a federal state with the issuance of the permanent constitution of Iraq for the year and2005 obtaining approval by the Iraqi people in a public referendum, the application of the federal experience, which is considered one of the new systems on Iraqi society and needs to pass a long period of time for the purpose of consolidating its principles and new ideas on Iraqi society in all political, social and economic aspects, and we have tried in this study to highlight the role of local governments in Iraq and their role in protecting public money and competencies Which it exercises in this area and the most important tasks that it performs and the provinces that are not linked in a region working to protect public money in Iraq and clarify the role of regular local governments in a region in the northern part of Iraq and what the region has of an administrative structure provided by the federal system of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers in addition to the local governments represented in the provincial councils and their role and tasks in order to protect public money and strive to provide services and the role of District councils and districts and the impact they have of conducting work on the sustainability and continuity of public money in order to provide.