The concept of state philosophy among some Western philosophers


  • Fouad Yaqoub Al-Janabi University of Kufa / College of Education art education department Semiotics in conceptual art


semiotic significance- Conceptual Art


The current research is concerned with studying the semiotic significance of art concepts and this research is located in four chapters, the first chapter of it deals with the research problem, its importance and the need for it, the research objective and its limits and identifying the most important terms. Contemporary styles within conceptual art. While the second chapter included the theoretical framework and previous studies, which included two sections, the first of which is semiotics as a sign of semantics, and the second topic is conceptual art, a reading of methods. All during its presentation to the experts, so that four models for each type of conceptual art had a share in the analysis of the research sample. The fourth chapter included the results of the research and the two researchers mention them: The semiotic significance was formed in conceptual art with all its currents through the processes of raising questions and assumptions that lead to skipping the artistic impact in order to realize The implications behind this idea through the questions that are raised in the mind and through which a conscious mental awareness and taste is achieved, and this appeared in all the samples of the research sample. On a set of conclusions, the two researchers mention, including: There is a clear shift between modernity and its aftermath at the level of contemporary art within its conceptual orientations, which represented the trends of Laven in the era of modernity, while referring to the large community, orientation and artistic and stylistic currents that raised the ideas on the formal aesthetic, we find that this The transformation is more value than aesthetic, as well as includes recommendations and suggestions put forward by the researchers, including: linguistic connotations in the products of body art, and the study concluded with a list of sources and references, then supplements