Challenges of the Integrated Grammar and Linguistic Curriculum for the Sixth Grade (2023)


  • Forat Sabbar Manthoor Babylon angel education teacher


curriculum challenges, integrated curriculum, grammar, linguistics, sixth grade


Today we are witnessing nine distinct fields of knowledge, such that the elements of culture later overlap to the point that it is difficult for us to separate this knowledge, and to adopt an integrative inevitable result as a tool that is compatible with the requirements of the modern era on one hand, and we strive to reach the linguistic content in a way that leaves us with the basic student this. Content in our daily lives, and its integration with and interaction with society on the other hand. This makes the alternatives more realistic and increasingly relevant; It helps in developing the capabilities of both the teacher and the learner, and eliminates the repetition that occurs in the rest of the traditional curricula in teaching the Arabic language. A series of grammatical and linguistic challenges and errors have accompanied the current edition of the textbook, preventing the achievement of the intended goal according to the integrated approach in teaching the Arabic language. These errors could have been avoided if the book had undergone further refinement and careful review. On an applied level, the grammatical topics were excessively long to the point of causing boredom. Although they were included in a single book alongside other topics, they were practically divided. As a result, by the time the student finished the grammatical section, they had often forgotten the previously covered topics that formed the foundation of this integrated curriculum, both in relation to those topics and to the grammatical material itself. Additionally, some of the requirements were vague or presented difficulties in other aspects. All of these factors prompted me to investigate the reasons behind these challenges and attempt to address them in future editions