The Qur’anic use of the verses of the days and nights (interpretative study)


  • Bushra Yas Khudair Quran Sciences/ College of Islamic Sciences University of Babylon
  • Riad Hammoud Hatem Al-Malki Quran Sciences/ College of Islamic Sciences University of Babylon


Recruit, famous days, famous days, Days are conditions for time


The effort of this research focuses on: Qur’anic employment of the verses of days and nights, and the verses related to days and nights were sufficiently mentioned in the Noble Qur’an, but the research efforts were according to a Quranic vision emphasizing the symbolism of days and nights . When referring to the Holy Qur’an, we find that it was used (day and night) with multiple uses so that the intended meaning in the blessed verse becomes clear. The Qur’anic word has been carefully selected, as it has been improved, meant, and specialized with unique characteristics of its kind, the impossibility of its existence in other words of human speech. And the days mentioned are: The Day of Resurrection, Al-Furqan, Hunayn, and the names of the days (Friday and Saturday), mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. It was employed in an indicative manner. Every day indicated a certain symbolism. The symbolism of Friday is due to its highness, honor and favor with God Almighty. That is why we can say the symbolism of Friday is the meeting (devotional acquaintance) As for the days that depicted how a person flees from his brother and the blackness and whiteness of the face, they are the circumstances of the events employed in the forms of structures that fit the Qur’anic contexts, and one of the manifestations of employing the nights is swearing by them through glorification and reverence for them.