Significance of implication and interpretation in the denial of polytheism with God Almighty in the Holy Qur’an


  • Shrooq Majid Shreef University of Babylon College of Islamic Sciences / Language of Qur'an
  • Hassan Obaid Al Mamouri University of Babylon College of Islamic Sciences / Language of Qur'an


Significance, implication, interpretation, negation, polytheism


The contemplator of the Qur’anic text in the context of denying polytheism with God realizes that there are phenomena towards expressive semantics spread in multiple places that have their significance presented in this context in order to exalt and glorify. Al-Kareem, in order to find out what this phenomenon is of intended expressive significance, and that is by violating the requirements of the apparent by delaying its interpreter with the intention of exalting and the great often mentioning that interpreter after him, and that is because you look at something vague until the soul of the listener yearns to find what is intended, then do not leave it, so it is more immersive in the soul . In addition to that, that interpreter will be mentioned together in beauty first, and in detail second, so it will be emphasized in the expression. It will become something if it is completely enclosed. Explain, that was like a speck of slowing down from reaching an enumeration.I followed this research into two sections. The first topic was devoted to clarifying the concept of implicitness and interpretation, and the second topic was held for the significance of implicitness and interpretation in denying polytheism in the Holy Qur’an. I followed the descriptive and analytical presentation of the verses in the context of denying polytheism. And to clarify the significance of this apparent phenomenon in expressing the denial of polytheism in God Almighty.