Utilitarian thinking among special education teachers


  • Laith Jabbar Muhammad Dept of Special Education, College of Basic Education, University of Babylon
  • Nawras Shakir Hadi Al-Abbas Dept of Special Education, College of Basic Education, University of Babylon


special education teachers, Utilitarian thinking


The current research aims to identify the following:1-Utilitarian thinking among special education teachers.2- Statistically significant differences in the level of utilitarian thinking among special education teachers according to the gender variable (males - females). Conduct a study similar to the current research to determine the relationship between employees and students’ utilitarian thinkingTo achieve the research objectives, a sample of male and female teachers of special education classes in government schools in Dhi Qar and Babil Governorate was selected on the basis of (district/district) for the academic year (2021-2022) shown in Table (1), and they numbered (195) male and female teachers, and the researcher followed the steps. The scientific method adopted in psychological measurement for preparing the utilitarian thinking scale is based on the theory of (Baron, 1991), which consists of (39) items in its final form. The researcher verified the psychometric properties of the scale, including validity and reliability on his sample that reached (195). The data was processed statistically using... The statistical package (spss) and the results showed the following1-Special education teachers have a high level of utilitarian thinking.2- There are no statistically significant differences at the level (0.05) in utilitarian thinking according to the gender variable (males - females).Through the researcher's knowledge of the theories of thinking and ego strength, he found that they can be invested and employed in all types of human activities, including the teaching profession. Also, there is a lack of research that dealt with utilitarian thinking, based on the reality of the studied segment and based on the above, can the researcher embody the problem of this research, which is to identify utilitarian thinking and the strength of the ego among special education teachers؟