Nicknames for women's disabilities and physical differences and their connotations


  • Asmaa Majeed Mahmoud Anbar University college of LiteratureRmadi – Iraq
  • Badie Mohamed Ibrahim Anbar University college of Literature Rmadi – Iraq


indication, title, woman, social, handicap


The surnames of individuals that indicate physical disabilities have received the attention of historians. They dealt with them as surnames by which people are known, and they were not known by others, although some of their owners were tired of them and were not satisfied with them, because it reminds them of their sufferings or generates a feeling of inferiority in them, and these surnames became associated with the proper name and attached And it was like an adjective for him, whether these titles were praise or slander, and this matter has been inherited since God Almighty created humans on this globe, and no nation of nations or an era of ages was excluded from it, and some of these titles related to disabilities and physical differences for women may be Nicknames are opposites that were taken for the opposite of something or for fear of envy, and this is what happened to one of the women in the Arab Islamic country who She was called al-Jarbaa, and she was a master of beauty and beauty, and she was called al-Jarbaa because women did not stand by her for fear of being disrespectful to her. In various aspects of life that pertain to Muslim affairs, and many women who bore the titles of social disabilities did not affect them because they were distinguished by memorizing the Noble Qur’an and were scholars in the field of the Prophet’s hadith as well as Their prowess in the rest of the different sciences, this indicates that most of those who bore the titles of disabilities and physical differences did not affect them with these disabilities, even the title of a people for their mother’s disability and they were known as “sons of the deaf”, and also one of the most prominent examples in history is the exploitation of the disability or disease of women and some of their children were called We resent and disapprove of Ibn al-Qar’a’ in order to belittle and underestimate them, and in order to be more clear, we must deal with some titles of disabilities for individuals and explain their implications: