Al-Rushdia (official) schools in the district and districts of Aleppo in The Hamidian era (1876-1909). Historical study In light of the Ottoman salamat


  • Ameen Ghanem Muhammad Mosul University / College of Basic Education / History Department


schools, brigade, districts, Aleppo, Abdul Hamid II


The importance of this study is evident by shedding light on an important cultural and civilizational aspect that has a role in the field of educational renaissance in the district and districts of Aleppo in the Ottoman era during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, namely, Since the length of the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, which extended for nearly thirty-four years, enables us to issue an objective and accurate judgment on what the Ottoman Empire offered culturally through education in the district and districts of Aleppo, especially the Rashidi schools, the aim of which was to prepare and prepare students to attend In preparatory schools (civilian and military), which then enables them to work in state departments, and this indicates the interest and desire of the Ottoman state to improve its administrative institutions by providing them with qualified employees to work in state departments on the one hand, and to meet the requirements of the modern era on the other hand, especially the intellectual invasion of the Levant By missionary missions supported by foreign countries the official Rashidi schools Which was represented in the establishment of several schools in the various districts of the Aleppo district. What was written about this type of education in the Aleppo district during this period was brief and not focused on by researchers, and it does not give an integrated picture of this important educational aspect of the Aleppo district, which Our study will be keen to clarify it by relying mainly on many sources, the most important of which are the published Ottoman government publications represented by the general Ottoman salnamat of the Ottoman Empire, the salnamaat of Nazareth al-Maarif, and the salnamat of the province of Aleppo. Where I enclosed in the research several statistics with the names of those schools in the district and districts of Aleppo and the names of their teachers, and the number of their students in several coordinated tables and according to each district of the many districts of Aleppo.