The effect of Climate on bee diseases ( in Fallujah district )


  • jinan Seger Abid Azooz AL – Qaraghouli Anbar Education Directorate


Climate, Disease, Rot, Honey, Bees


Climatic factors are considered as the most significant factors affecting bees in the study area, which have a direct and indirect impacts on the life of the bee insect ,on the apiary, or on their damage that they cause to the colonies. As for their indirect impact, they will be on plants and dry up nectar sources. As a result, viruses can attack all forms of life, multiplying and spreading independently, and cause very serious chronic disease conditions. When viruses exist inside the hive or on bees , they cause them various diseases. Some climatic factors that affect life in the study area are temperature, relative humidity, and wind, which have a significant impact on nectar and pollen, bee hives, and the increase of activities. The increase of temperature in the study area leads to limit the activity of honey bees in all areas of food collection, incubator breeding, and reproduction. In this case, the bees' flight shifts from flowers and food collection to water collection and they transfer to the hives to moderate the temperature inside. Such transfer leads to abortion of bees and serious damage to the life of the bee colony. The lack of incubator production and the lack of ages of bees cause a decrease in the external food represented by the plant because of the effort exerted by them and because of the lack of honey stock, which leads to a decrease in the number of bees inside the hive .Thus, the collapse of these colonies will be as a result of the lack of control over the regulation of temperature inside the hive, and this happens in the hot season. The climate of Anbar governorate falls within the desert climate, which is characterized by its little rain and the long dry summer season. It is also considered one of the most important natural problems facing the development and breeding of bees. Accordingly, the research is based on evaluating the impact of climatic factors on bee diseases and explaining the relationship between climate elements with each other and between climate elements and bee diseases .