Tafiyat of al-Sharif al-Murtada (died 436 AH) A study in the music of poetry


  • Ahmed Salim Obaid Al-shammari University of Babylon - College of Law


the music of poetry, al-Sharif al-Murtada, al-Tafiyat


The music of Poetry is an important and influential artistic factor in the creation of any creative text, because it touches the ears, both external and internal. In addition, it represents an important entry point for influencing the recipient, and contributes in making vocal reverberation and rhythmic harmony to increase the effectiveness of poetic discourse, and through our study of the music of Tufayyat al-Sharif al-Murtada (died 436 AH), we noticed that it achieved its desired goal of In influencing and conveying sincere feelings and feelings to the recipient with words - I took pain, grief, and grief over what happened to Imam Hussein and his family (peace be upon them) on the day of Ashura - as a veil for her, thus forming a poetic text with a beautiful external rhythm, and sweet internal tones that were the best expression of the goals he intended. The poet through his Tafiyah texts. Our study aims at trying to reveal the concept of the term “tafiyat” in language and terminology, in addition to highlighting the important role it played in Sharif Al-Murtada’s poetry, by showing the psychological and aesthetic dimensions of this artistic phenomenon in his poetry. It was imposed on us by the nature of research - a path to identifying, describing and analyzing them, leading to the desired function. As for the most important sources and references that accompanied us and we benefited from them on this study trip, we mention: “Diwan Al-Sharif Al-Murtada”, the book “Al-Tafiyat, the Saying and the Critical Procedure” by dr. Ali Kazem Al-Maslawi, the book “Music of Poetry” by Ibrahim Anis, the book “Issues of Contemporary Poetry” by Nazik Al-Malaika And other books that were written in the list of research sources and references.