The image of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, in the book Nasir al-Din Dinah (Mohammad is the Messenger of God)


  • Mohammed Jehad Abid Anbar University College Of Arts
  • Qahtan Adnan Bakr Anbar University College Of Arts


Prophet Muhammad, Nasser al-Din, Orientalism, biography


The study of the Prophet’s biography took a great deal of attention from the fair or unfair orientalists, so they considered the prophet’s biography an important material in dealing with Islamic issues. By writing about the biography of the Prophet and drawing their information from the historical sources approved by Muslims, and they made comparisons with what was written by the previous orientalists and extracted the historical truth about the biography of the Prophet. Based on what Arab Muslims wrote about Islamic history, rather their concerns included the orientalists, whether they were fair or unfair, and Nasir al-Din Dinah entered Islam with complete conviction and did not care about what the orientalists wrote from among his peers or his contemporaries at the time, so he relied on the method of the scientific method in tracking the truth Historical from its approved origins, which were not affected by distortion or forgery, as he presented it on the accurate scientific method in tracking the correct hadiths and narrations, as mentioned in the introduction to his book on the correct prophetic biography. In particular, highlighting the real positive side of the Muslim Arabs, which was distorted by Westerners in general and the French in particular. Nasser al-Din Diniyeh was able, through his writings, to convey a beautiful picture of Islam and remove all the uncivilized accumulations made by the previous orientalists. Rather, we find that he criticized these opinions and fabrications about The path of a solid scientific approach through the Arabic Islamic sources such as the biography of Ibn Hisham, the major classes of Ibn Saad, and the biography of Al-Halabi by Burhan Al-Din Al-Halabi.