Features of assemblage art in ancient Egyptian art


  • Hussein Talib Jabbar Iraq - University of Babylon, College of Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts
  • Hamdiya Kazem Roudan Iraq - University of Babylon, College of Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts


Assembly art, raw materials, Collecting things far from art, Ancient Egyptian art


The current research is concerned with presenting and dealing with the concept of collage art and the features of its formation historically in Egyptian art, as it appears in the current research the diversity in the use of materials far from art and the adaptation of them within the artwork to form a work of art in a harmonious and harmonious manner. Where the materials varied and varied within the artwork in ancient Egyptian art, as the ancient Egyptian artist adapted and introduced diamonds, jewels and collectibles to his artwork with the intention of giving it an aesthetic aspect. The current research included four chapters. The first chapter was devoted to explaining the research problem, the importance of the research, the need for a mechanism, the aim of the research, and the limits of the research. The research problem focused on answering the following question:What are the features of assembly in ancient Egyptian art?As for the second chapter, it included the theoretical framework in two sections, the first topic talked about the concept of collage art and its types. The second chapter included compilation in ancient Egyptian art, and in the third chapter it included an analysis of samples of collage art in Egyptian art. The fourth chapter included results:1- The artworks are affected by the materials that make up the plastic artwork and the method of construction and composition of the artwork (collage, synthesis, deletion and addition, naturalization)2- The aesthetic of the art of assembly was achieved by introducing many forms far from art and thus reaching the unfamiliar in a beautiful and harmonious way Conclusions:1- The method of construction and composition of the artwork (collage, collection, deletion and addition) affects the formal formulations of the artwork.2- The art of assembly calls for raising the creative and imaginative level of the artist by introducing things far from art into the heart of the artwork proposals and recommendations.