Exclamation Style in the Holy Quran: A Grammatical Study


  • Hawraa Mahdi Abdulsahib University of Kufa/Kufa Studies Center Department of Methodological Studies and Investigation


Exclamatory Style, Quran, Study, Linguistics, Semantics


Arabic is replete with linguistic styles crafted by linguists to formulate texts. They established grammatical rules based on these styles, and among these styles was the exclamatory style. Linguists studied this style, elucidating the standard rules upon which it is based and the linguistic forms from which exclamatory sentences are constructed. Since the Quran is a miracle in its words and meanings, linguistic rules were constructed within its blessed verses, including the exclamatory style. This is a linguistic act created by the speaker to express admiration for things, events, or individuals. It employs two standard forms: the suspended ما أفعله and the attached أفعل به forms. Through an analysis of Arabic discourse, we observe that not all verbs are built in the exclamatory form unless specific conditions are met, which we will elucidate in our research. As exclamations are a psychological reaction when someone feels strongly about a particular matter, the Quran does not differ in its exclamatory styles from what the Arabic language prescribes. In this study, we will clarify the exclamatory style and its forms, and the practical application will be in the Quran, which is a precise text. We will then highlight the suggestive connotation of exclamations in the Quran.The aim of this study is to elucidate the variations in the forms used by the Quran, so the research is divided into an introduction and three sections. We conclude our research with the most significant findings we have arrived at.