Hyperrealism in the novel of find did not find


  • Hadi Ali Hadi Babylon university/college of Arts / department of Arabic language
  • Hasanain Gazi Almustansiriya University /college of Education department of Arabic language


Realism - the novel - war - history - gender


Khaled Al-Qashtini digs into his novel from a grandfather who did not find a realistic atmosphere in the narrative expression of a great life reality.. The limit of realism in many cases reaches the point of exaggeration. It is realism that exaggerates in its realism. The degree of strangeness in the names, which may be explained by the writer’s spatial distance from the event’s environment, although this explanation is not a sufficient justification, as we shall see… The realistic novel reflects the reality in its details, and it pays great attention to the place and its details, and to explaining the scene that is formed as a result of the details of this place. In addition, it operates according to the principle of honesty in transmission to a large extent, and seeks accuracy in conveying historical facts and turning them into a topic for the novel and a course of events. It can be said, then, that the realistic doctrine in the Arabic novel is the most complete and consciously used literary doctrine by Arab writers. The historical stage in which the realistic trend appeared was a stage in which trends prevailed that recommended complete communication between the writer and his reality.