Keywords in ((Ra’iyah Muslim Ibn Al-Walid Al-Ansari as a model))


  • Hammam Yassin Shukr Almashita Department of Religious Education and Islamic Studies/ Sunni Endowment Office


seer, keys, words, poem, Ansari


The literary text, whatever its time or place, is nothing but emotional, existential, and life charges with all the connotations and meanings of these three directions, implied by a number of repercussions that the writer or creator broadcasts in the folds of his work, and these repercussions cannot have been arbitrary. Or unintentionally, on the contrary, everything the creator says is intentional, but the degree of clarity or ambiguity of this intent remains dependent on the creator's ability to deceive the reader, but the creator is not strong enough to blind the reader to a degree that reaches the point of completeness, but rather he must disclose His vision and philosophy in life through (words) that he colors in the folds of his text are (keys) through which the reader resorts to reach what the creator wants.In our work, we stand at the forefront of a poem by one of the poets of the Abbasid era, who took it upon themselves to open the doors of renewal, and to come up with a new poetic style that differs from the old poem on the one hand, and is deeply connected to it away from blind imitation on the other hand. :And the witch of the eyes does not improve magicYou communicate with me secretly and you cut me openlyWhich we will study according to the key words approach. As one of the approaches to modern stylistics