The Place Element in the Novel of Al-Sabilyat by Ismail Fahd Ismail (An Analytical Study)


  • Marwan Saadi Saleh Arabic Language and Literature/Literature Branch Teacher in Babylon Education
  • Behrouz Marouf Gurbanzadeh Department of Arabic Language and Literature - Faculty member at Mazandaran University


paths, place, Ismail Fahd Ismail, psychological dimension, novel


This research attempts to proceed from the vision that when the writer goes to the use of time and place and their manifestations in his novel, he reveals awareness of the essence of the conflict in life, as well as his awareness of the interactions of this conflict and its implications. And activating the language, with the various methods and machines it provides, plays an effective role in creating new prose formats that are able to absorb his perceptions about the problematic of this conflict and its different circumstances. Al-Atoum is one of those writers who tried to build dreams from reality, and from reality a fiction, as if he wanted to live a world He changed his world and changed his life. We have adopted the descriptive-analytical approach in our study of the aesthetics of the place in the intended narrative narration and how to show it in the narration of “Al Sabilaat.” The result was that he found in the language what he wanted. In his aim, he employed this art at the level of the subject, especially in the field of his struggle with, the place and the events he witnessed and contemporaneously, and at the level of art, especially in the field of narrative images and the artistic paradoxes they create.aistakhdim asmaeyl fahd aismaeil hadhih alfanus alham li ean alsirae alqadim mundh alazil wahu sirae al'iinsan walmakan aladhi kashaf fih watakayaf maeah hayth an riwayat yuealij sirae al'iinsan mae masqat rasah aladhi bialraghm min kuli alzuruf hayth yabdhul kulu juhudih wamaeah alabar waealaa almakan aladhi tarabaa fih falraawy. ealaa alwasf waltahlil liadrus jamaliat aleunsur almakan falkatib tajribatan ealaa hadhih almasayil almutaealiqat bialraghm min kuli alsueubat waleaqabat lilwusul 'iilaa masqat alraas lakina altawafuq mabin almakan walansan hi altawafuq alaqwaa lilwusul ala ghayatih hayth hawal alraawy bikuli alfunun alaidabiat an yubayin lana ahimiat almakan wajamaliitatan eind alansan hayth yabuthu alhayaat limakan ghayr masdar aihalamuh wamniaatatun.