The Phenomena of the Irregular and the Rare in Plural Structures in the Book of “Shaza al-‘Arf in the Art of Morphology” by al-Hamlawi


  • Abohaneefa Omeralshareef Ali Omer Department of Arabic Language / College of Art & Sciences-Dhahran Alajnoub/ King Khalid University / Saudi Arabia


Irregular – Rare – Plural Structures – Broken Plural - Shaza al-‘Arf


The study handles the phenomena of the irregular and the rare in plural structures in the book of “Shaza al-‘Arf in the Art of Morphology” by al-Hamlawi, and their state of being scarce, trying to explain his method of presenting the irregular and the rare of these structures and their places in the section of the plurals. Among the objectives of the study that researcher aimed to achieve: Knowing the meaning and regulations of the irregular and rare grammar, and studying and discussing the irregular and rare grammar points according to what was mentioned in the most important books of morphology and language. The researcher followed the descriptive approach, taking from its tools the analytical one.It is clear in this research that Al-Hamlawi’s approach in mentioning the irregular and rare grammar varies between defining it and commenting on it, along with mentioning the regular grammar and referring to them without commenting in others places, perhaps this is to give opportunity to researches for further studies. And that there are situations of morphological irregularities in the masculine and feminine plural forms. The mentioning of the irregular in some structures does not mean that they are wrong, as it was mentioned in the language books, and the major morphological books. This irregularity may be due to the linguistic use of some Arabs, as will explain in the body of the research. What was mentioned of the irregularity of the plural structures in the Book of “Shaza al-‘Arf in the Art of Morphology” reached was seven structures out of twenty-three structures in the plural of many, and two forms from four structures in the plural of the few. And that what came of the rarity in the structures of plurals was in seven structures, all of them in the plural of the many. (Al-Hamlawi) expressed the rare in some structures with the term (وقَلَّ), and the few and scarcity are synonymous, as appeared in the idiomatic definition of the rare, in addition to the advent of the (فَعائِل) as one of structures of plural of many in the irregular and the rare. There are places of irregularities in the book recommended to the researcher for further studies, and clarify its importance among the morphological Books