Vocal accumulation in Al-Mutanabbi's poem "Rest on Thinner"


  • Esraa Khazal Jabr Nineveh Directorate of Education


indication. the sound. backlog. The poem


This study is based on clarifying some aspects of the phonetic significance in Al-Mutanabbi's poemWith the aim of revealing the relationship between sound and meaning, by examining the significance of the phonemic accumulation of the single sound, as the poet described the sounds of the vocabulary; To clarify its purposes and alert the feelings in the human self of the recipient. The research was divided into two axes: the first is a theoretical thalamus, and the second is an analysis of the poem by standing on the phonetic connotation that came within the words of the poem. In formulating the meaning, Al-Mutanabbi’s poem was manifested in three sections: The first is the relative, describing the conditions of the lovers and their suffering, and the second: wisdom and taking lessons and exhortations from death, and the third section: in praising Muhammad bin Aws and his people. Thus, Al-Mutanabbi was able to adapt the sounds to express his purposes in the poem. The relationship between the accumulated sounds in Al-Mutanabbi's poem is not arbitrary or random, as it has a special system that is in complete harmony with the requirements of the text.