Writing and existence in the labyrinths of (Burhan Shawi)


  • Hanan Hassan Ali Darwish Al-Bakri College of Arts/University of Babylon
  • Samer Fadel Abdel-Kadhim Al-Asadi College of Arts/University of Babylon


Burhan, Writing and Existence, Experimental Novel


The dominance of the novel in its literary form and its fulfillment of its obligation to express the social and ordinary purposes of the language. Within the limits of its genre, along with its boldness in adopting realistic topics. As well as the richness of its human content, had a role in the writer's adoption of many questions to define his genre and literary form. Writing is a set of rituals that Literature begins from it, which is the hidden or clear celebration through which it announces the gender of what was written and its literary affiliation. As the experimental novel is positioned in the category of hybridity and is known as the characteristic of the launch, as it feeds on various discourses and texts, and uses the artistic and cognitive achievement as a reference to build its novel form open to texts. The other with its multiple spectra, and because the search for the world of writing and existence in the fictional text is not an easy matter because it pours into the door of continuous critical research in the world of the novel. I found it critically important to stand on a critical theme that has its creative presence in the labyrinths of (Burhan Shawi) by searching for the most important issues that In it. He employed (beyond the narrative) in those labyrinths, and from there is the nature of his work on the (cognitive) area, especially on the level of (existential philosophy), which contributed to enriching the techniques of novel writing.