The aesthetics of storytelling in the short story collection (Seasons) by Nawaf Sinjari


  • Faiza Muhammad al-Mashhadani University of Mosul / College of Basic Education / Department of Arabic Language
  • Jasem Mohammed Jasem University of Mosul / College of Basic Education / Department of Arabic Language


: aesthetics, storytelling, seasons, Nawaf, Sinjari


Aesthetics is a science that searches for beauty and shows the standards that are associated with it, and man, since the beginning of creation, began his life searching for beauty and appreciating the value of beauty, and tasting beauty depends on what aesthetic awareness is derived from the beauty of the universe. In the matter of talking about the aesthetics of storytelling and sensing the places of beauty in the collection of stories (Seasons) by Nawaf Sinjari, we will try to highlight how storytelling takes some of the artistic elements as a key to accessing the text, observing the aesthetic characteristics of the narrative patterns in the collection of stories, revealing the hidden angles in the fictional text to demonstrate its aesthetics. In our study, we relied on the description of the stories contained in this group of stories and the statement of their aesthetic values by extrapolating the fictional contents of this group and linking them to the significance of their titles. The collection of stories (The Seasons) by Nawaf Sinjari included twenty-one short stories, in addition to a short play from one scene in the challenge play. The group relies on raising the status of the event and the character compared to the other elements of the story. As the event and the construction of characters constitute the most prominent distinctive aspects of these stories compared to the element of dialogue, for example, which we find in a way that can be said to be semi-occult. More than being a narrative structure subject to the requirements of balancing the elements of fictional work and conducting them according to a systematic plan that makes all elements in a state of synergy to advance the art of work?