The significance of personality in the novel The Old Lemon Tree by (Rajaa Salih al-Jubouri


  • Rafel Hazem Khalil Nineveh Directorate of Education


tree, significance, novel, personality, lemon


The characters contribute to showing the course of the fictional work through their psychological and emotional significance. As it works to move the intellectual path for which the fictional work is created, as it is the main engine in which the semantic axes of the characters are established, just as the diversity that appears in any novel works to highlight the psychological tendencies, and shows the extent of influence and vulnerability in the narrative and artistic work, so the semantic has its conscious presence In presenting the characters and showing the extent of influence and vulnerability that appears through the internal introspection of their psychological and emotional impulses that govern the overall structure of the literary work with all its cognitive standards. She lives and coexists with him, and this is what the novel The Old Lemon Tree performed, as the indication was able to interfere in the models of the characters despite their multiplicity, and showed and disclosed the ways of thinking, as it showed their emotional impulses and how they were affected by their lived reality, so the indication provided us with a behavioral clarification of the characters, as it showed the features of the personality Accurately, she worked on drawing her characteristics, and the impact of those characteristics on society through her behavior and movement, and how she interacted with each other so that a theoretical framework for events is formed through all the concepts that revolve around her and in which the characters live intertwined with each other. Because the main role of evidence is based on showing and clarifying, so it showed the environment that contained these personalities, and showed how it affected the statement of the value of the environment in which these personalities live through the ideas and visions it presented, and what it contributed to in explaining the impulses of good and evil. To be the best evidence in clarifying the idea that (a person is the son of his environment in which he lives), the study stated the extent to which the significance of personality affects the display of the ingenuity of the literary work, and it also contributed to the statement of the influence and influence that accompanies these personalities with the development that takes place within the literary cause in all its sentimental concepts. . The literary work is nothing but an emotional work that searches for the significance of the characters, and how they are diverse and multiplicity based on the surrounding concepts that are consistent with the lived reality