The Theory of Semantic Field in Arabic: Unveiling the Contributions of Arab Linguists


  • Saad Ismail Al-Sultan Department of English/ College of Education/ University of Mosu
  • Ahmad Bashir Al-Qattan Department of English/ College of Education/ University of Mosul


semantic field theory, analytical-descriptive, Arab contributions, classifications, conceptual fields


This research explores the semantic field theory in Arabic, focusing on its historical development and application within the Arabic linguistic context. This research aims to investigate the foundational principles and classifications of semantic field theory, as well as the contributions of Arab linguists to its development. Depending on the works of Bin Yunis (2015) and Qador (2008) who emphasize the advanced knowledge of semantic fields in ancient Arab linguistics, this analytical-descriptive research sheds light on the valuable insights of Arab linguists and their contributions to the theory. By examining the organization and interrelation of words within specific fields of meaning, this research sheds light on the semantic structure of Arabic and bridges the gap between Western and ancient Arab linguistic perspectives. The findings contribute to the understanding of semantic fields in Arabic and recognize the valuable insights of Arab linguists. In conclusion, this research illuminates the development of the semantic field theory among Arab linguists, emphasizing their recognition of language as a cohesive system organized within conceptual fields. Ancient Arab linguists, through works like linguistic letters and lexicons, made significant contributions by categorizing and classifying words based on meanings. These early efforts not only demonstrate their meticulous attention to the Arabic language but also precede Western linguists by centuries, underscoring the vital role of Arab scholars in advancing linguistic theory. This heritage stands as a testament to the rich cultural and linguistic significance of the Arabic language and showcases the historical linguistic sophistication achieved by Arab scholars