Grammatical aspects between case and distinction In the Holy Quran


  • Anwar Rahim Jabr University Of Babylon,Facuty Of Human Education,Department Of Arabic Language,Phd In Quranic Linguistic Studies Ministry Of Education


similarities in Arabic grammar


Is a case of discrimination and the similarities in Arabic grammar , in Mouncobac grammatical ,Search and reveals aspects of the difference between them in terms of grammatical meaning of the sentence if the current unbearable sense grammar or grammatical meaning of discrimination. Where is a case of discrimination and the abundance of camel droppings in Arabic grammar to what he sees as some grammarians , and destination search find the need to clarify the concept of favorites when grammarians , they were referred to it as a quick signals and those signals note of them , are favorites dispute the mayor ,Mayor : What is indispensable Calfaal , and favorites are irreplaceable Kalmfol it may delete favorites that did not hurt in the meaning of the sentence , and anything more than pillars attribution Kalmfol the case and discrimination , about : hit Zaid , came Zaid , laughing , and planted land trees . And objected to some grammarians on the fact that the case leftovers ; because the favorites but it comes after completing the speech and indispensable , and the case may not be talking , but it, in terms of meaning and grammar indication of speech is not without it , do not dispense then them , it becomes deliberately talk that indispensable in the sentence. This view , which Aoadh research and tends to him , to force the grammatical significance of the event, where you can not do without it in a sentence for the clarity of its grammatical significance is not its only meaning . And As shown above, the fact that the name of the abundance in speech but is linked to the construction of this talk and meet a corner bases ( Musnad and ascribed to it ) , the purpose of the speech is to get the interest , if you do not get interest did not talk , but if there is Rknah , and when he stopped health meaning it back from a two pillars , the fact is that in the examples above are not only speak out , then it is part of one of the two pillars of the sentence, as well as the case may come from debutante as is the doctrine of Sibawayh , concurred seraphic , and corrected son of the owner ,It is one of the two pillars of attribution. For this is determined by the concept of the abundance of the case referred to by grammarians , and perhaps they did not want , saying that the case of the abundance in the speech that the case does not make sense and do not benefit underneath, but what is meant is the possibility that the case ruled that comes after words if minted by the speaker of the boarded himself. The fact is you can not promise to scrap Arabic grammar to the meaning of grammar it , when you delete a case sentence becomes incomplete meaning Qur'aan smiled and chuckled of saying and said , Lord Oozni to thank the grace that blessed me and my father and I do good works for you and brought me mercy on Thy righteous ( ant: 19) , quoted above smiled and chuckled word , laughing , is the case of a single in this sentence , which shows if the Prophet Solomon (AS) when the speech ant him , which is something of a miracle, the Qur'an , Vhaz story for dialogue and discourse between the Prophet Solomon and the ant , None of the Quranic miracle , and when you break down the meaning of grammar deleted , and the loss miracle in this short story of the Prophet (p) and the ant .This guide is clear and conclusive that the case is one of the mayors of speech and not residue . As well as discrimination in the verse Lord, I said they bone me and flared head Sheba and I did not Bdaaúk Lord Hqia ( Mary : 4) . The words flared head Chiba Vcolh ( Chiba ) : It is discrimination Mansob , and clear in the verse , and when you delete it breaks down the meaning grammar , and it becomes unclear meaning is considered discrimination also deliberately speak to the power of meaning grammar , and the adoption meaning of the sentence him , and when you delete it breaks down meaning of the sentence .