Manifestations of the Quranic Concept in Contemporary Iraqi Ceramics "An analytical study"


  • Adel Sabri Nassar Al-Tamimi University of Kufa/College of Education


Manifestations, the concept, the Quranic concept, manifestations of the Quranic concept


The current research is specialized in studying the manifestations of some Quranic concepts through what the potter embodied in Quranic verses on the surfaces of his works, which appeared as leather patches or sheets of paper on which the words of God Almighty were written. The research included several chapters that represented the course of the research, which are as follows:  The first chapter (the general framework of the research) was presented to the research problem, which was presented through the following question: What are the manifestations of the Qur’anic concept in contemporary Iraqi ceramics? Then its importance and purpose, in addition to mentioning the spatial research boundaries represented by Iraq, and the temporal boundaries represented by the period from 2005 to 2021. As for the objective research boundaries, it was represented by studying the manifestations of the Qur’anic concept in ceramic works, then the researcher proceeded to define the most important terms contained in the research.  The second chapter (theoretical framework and previous studies) included two sections. The first included the study of the Qur’anic concept (meaning, essence, characteristics): The second section was singled out for the study: the manifestation of the verses of the Holy Qur’an in contemporary Iraqi ceramic works. The chapter also included a presentation of the most important indicators that resulted from the theoretical framework.  The third chapter (research procedures) contained the research community represented by ceramic works that contain Quranic verses, which numbered (32) ceramic works. The methodology used in the research, the research tool, and then the analysis of the sample forms.  The fourth chapter (results and conclusions) included and discussed the results, the most important of which are:1-The objective and artistic equation appeared in a conceptual format and consistency that indicates the potter's keenness to employ the Qur'anic verses as a form of preserving the Islamic identity, in all samples of the sample.2-The pictorial surface in Model No. 1 represented a revealing and revealing field that illustrated the lesson of some Quranic concepts, including the manifestation of the concept of the verse of the chair, and in particular the beginning of the verse, which the potter believed in the necessity of showing and revealing it in a large size to be the focus of attraction in order to stand at it conceptually to realize its nature, its meaning and what is meant by its words Where the emphasis is on the concept of unity (God, there is no god but He), the concept of eternity and immortality (the living), and the concept of domination over the servants (the eternal).3-The Qur’anic concept was manifested in Model No. 2 through the embodiment and demonstration of Surat al-Tawhid, which carries a number of Qur’anic concepts, including the comprehensive, comprehensive oneness (Say, He is God, One), and the concept of Samadiyah in the sense of the need of creatures for Him to be united, and Samad is one of the most beautiful names of God, as well as the manifestation of the concept Efficiency corresponds to God, for nothing is equal to Him, and there is no one who is equal to Him, i.e. equivalent to Him, may He be glorified and exalted. As another Quranic concept appeared to us on the surface of the pictorial achievement, the potter included it to be an aesthetic value and a conceptual addition in an eye-catching manner, as it conveyed to us the concept of divine guidance to the people of the heavens and the earth, and that He is Glory be to Him, the guide and enlightener of the heavens and the earth. The most important conclusions were as follows: 1-There is a keenness of the Iraqi potter to draw inspiration from the meanings of the Holy Qur’an in order to convey the meaning and concept and focus on presenting what is valuable. 2-Concepts are intellectual units reflected in the collection of separate topics.3-Every Quranic concept is a total unit that cannot be divided, and it is a kind of Quranic miracle. The researcher presented the most important proposals, then mentioned the margins of the research and the sources.