Banks and banking activity in Egypt until 1967 (A historical study)


  • Razzaq hachim Sultan Al-Hasnawi Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University Institute / Kufa


banking activity - Egypt - the National Bank of Egypt - the agricultural bank - the industrial bank - the real estate or commercial bank


It is inevitable to say that the studies and research that dealt in detail with the contemporary political and economic history of Egypt were characterized by serious activity and impact. The activities of banking and banking activity in Egypt, and accordingly, addressing the study of an important aspect of economic studies and revealing its impact on the formulation and clarification of the historical event is an important element in the formation of the infrastructure of society, and until the Egyptian government guarantees the work and mastery of governmental and private banks working in the field of banking and exchange within and in accordance with The construction of the Egyptian economy sought seriously to divide banks and banks into specialized banks, with which it contributes to the development of various other sectors. The first of these banks was the Agricultural Bank, which contributed greatly to the supply of farmers and farmers with financial loans that contributed effectively to the improvement and development of the Egyptian agricultural sector, and then Followed by the Industrial Bank, which helped many industrialists and owners of capital by granting them loans to develop their nascent industries inside Egypt, to complete the economic renaissance. The Egyptian government established the Real Estate and Commercial Bank, which was credited with establishing hundreds of housing projects and others. It carries out banking operations that have served a specific type of economic activity, in accordance with the decisions and laws issued on the basis of its establishment, and in which the acceptance of demand deposits is not among the aspects of its main activities