The role of Sharif Barakat in managing the country of Hijaz during the era of the Circassians (903-923 AH)


  • Jawad kazem odeh College of Education/University of AL-Qadisiyah
  • wrood noore Hussein College of Education/University of AL-Qadisiyah


Circassians. princes. Blessings. Rebellion. Impact of ports


The country of the Hijaz has acquired a poiiteaI and reIigious Position since the advent of isiam and the estabIishment efIsIamic states in fact the competition for power contributed to The emergence of many events that preceded this period(784-923-1392-1517 AD)which contributed greatIy to the events of a struggIe between the ruIing parties for controI of the country of the Hijaz,whether with internaI or externaI infhuence, incIuding Sharif Barakat, who assumed power despite the great difficuIties and chaIIenges Because of the disagreement that occurs from time to time between the members of the same household, whether by internal or external influence, which weakened their position, the external influence, and the relations between Egypt and the Hijaz took a new development, in which the escalation of internal unrest prevailed. Which led to competition between the rulers of the Hijaz cities by sending money and gifts to external powers, which is an approach followed by the princes and became a condition of the tutelage, so that Ibn Taghri Bardi indicated that providing money to the Circassian sultans was an important factor of the tutelage, but that this extended later to include the followers of the sultan And each of them had a share of everything presented to him .Until the situation reached the violation of the sanctity of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, due to the amount of rebellion, fighting and bloodshed, in which some tribes living in several regions participated. A number of administrative and political matters to tighten the siege on external and internal influence until Qutb al-Din mentioned that among the strife that took place in the land of Hijaz is a long explanation. Each individual has dominance over power, which extends ambitions to the rest of the other regions. We infer from that that Sharif Barakat strived hard to gain the affection of the people of the Hijaz in order to extend his influenceover other regions .