Sharia for human life and Interests


  • Mohammed Hamza Al-Shaibani University of Babylon college of lslamic sciences. Department of Quranic sciences
  • Naqaa Ali Hassan University of Babylon college of lslamic sciences. Department of Quranic sciences


Islamic legislation, Islamic political legislation, man-made laws


Islamic legislation is necessary to reform people in terms of life and time. It is the legislation of truth and justice in the judiciary and the application of what was brought by the Book of God Almighty and evidence of the power of Sharia. The Almighty said: {There has come to you from God a light and a clear book}, It also preserves the rights of the individual to the fullest extent due to the existence of laws and penalties that apply to everyone without exception. Her country, in their view, oppresses the individual and limits his freedom, and this is wrong. Therefore, Islamic legislation is considered a means of teaching people the constitution of heaven, including doctrine, worship, morals, and transactions, and a political, social, economic, educational, jihadist and educational system, and then the necessity of working with what they have learned and applying it fully in all facilities. Life, and that arbitrating other than that in the field of individual, family, and group relations is blasphemy, injustice and immorality. The Islamic Sharia does not limit people’s needs and new developments in their conditions and affairs, and achieves their legitimate interests by adopting the method of ijtihad and innovation. These are all indications that Islamic legislation is fertile and flexible, keeping pace with temporal interests and differences in data.The Islamic religion is balanced and moderate, taking into account all aspects of life and controlling them in a rhythm that is consistent with the human instinct of love for learning, ownership and creativity. It pertains to him without restricting freedoms in a way that kills creativity, but rather preserves the balance of society and controls its affairs and activity. The whole society did not harness the building of temples or glorify people, but rather set a general goal, which is the establishment of this religion, and everyone has to work on this from his position. The doctor, engineer and teacher all innovate in their fields for the sake of their religion And in order to establish it, but as we said, without absolute identification and shackled controls for creativity. The Islamic legislation is a comprehensive legislation concerned with all aspects of life and intervenes in its smallest details to organize and rule in any dispute, no matter how small or large.