Criminal liability for incitement to suicide in criminal legislation


  • Adil Sarikhani Qom State University/ Faculty of Law Department of Criminal Law
  • Mounir Odeh Saadi Arnaouti Student at Qom State University Faculty of Law Department of Criminal Law


criminal responsibility - incitement - suicide - prevention - methods of reduction


This study, represented by the legal position on the crime of incitement to suicide and ways to reduce it in criminal legislation, aims to shed light on what the crime of incitement to suicide is and to indicate ways to reduce it, explaining the position of the Iraqi criminal law and the comparative criminal laws and their role in addressing them, which are included in the text of Article (408) of the Law Iraqi Penalties No. 111 of 1969, the current rate, and thus the issue of the phenomenon of suicide has become an increasingly important element in the support programs for mental health and psychological and social support of the International Organization for Migration in Iraq and the comparative penal legislation. During recent years, there has been an increase in the number ofReports of suicides in some of the IDP camps in which IOM operates, increased interest in the issue among governmental entities as well as increased formal requests for support from the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment and local NGOs led to the development of a training module, materials and SOPs on prevention suicide..Therefore, the phenomenon of suicide today is a complex phenomenon of dimensions and manifold elements, with causes, motives and interrelated factors. Suicide until recently was seen as a local problem located within an environmental scope, a specific society, and certain circumstances, without being affected by factors outside this environment, until what the world is witnessing today. A revolution in the field of communication and information has made this problem a global dimension, and accordingly, interest has increased in recent years in studying suicide cases that are remarkably rampant in social life, because suicide and its attempts are among the most important and dangerous problems in our current era