Syntax and its impact on Arabic poetry


  • Mustafa Abdullah Helal Anbar University / College of Administration and Economics Specialization: Syntax
  • Salahuddin Abdel Khalaf Anbar University / College of Administration and Economics Specialization: Islamic literature


Syntax, its impact, Arabic poetry, other sciences


The emergence of Arabic grammar in the history of our Arab culture was linked to that attraction and symbolic development between the grammarians who codified the rules of the language based on Arabic poetry, on the one hand, and the poets and their sayings that violated some of the rules of grammar on the other hand, which the poets called the poetic necessity that provided the opportunity for many poets By bypassing some rules in order to fit the poetic weight of the verses and the technical structure of the poem, they abused many of the rules and called them poems, as we will notice, as poetry relies on speech using its own music, which is called poetry music. Poetry, also known as the type of discourse, which is based on accurate metering, aims to describe and clarify the main idea of poetry as a general idea. The dispute marries the relationship between the grammarian and the poet after the narrator of the language searches for evidence and classifies the poets and takes some of them and leaves the late ones behind their purposeful actions, but the poets see in this criticism a restriction on their creative freedom, so they deviate from the laws of language. And after that, it all comes to breaking the stereotypical expressive horizons in order to reach poetic and aesthetic patterns with far horizons . This historical and cultural analytical study attempts to shed light on the differences of this escalation. The importance of the study stems from its being rooted in the roots of Arabic literature, as well as its grammatical evidence dating back to the two eras; Pre-Islamic, and Islamic, and to highlight the status of poetry and poetics among the early linguists and grammarians in particular, and in our cultural heritage in general, and to remove the view entrenched in the minds of the people of Arabia that the science of grammar is a science characterized by stagnation