The Marazqa family and its impact on public life in the era of the Marinid state (622-844 AH / 1244-1465 AD)


  • Abbas Karim Abd Al-Khafaji University of Babylon - College of Basic Education


family, marriage, their role, Life, Public, family


This family has lived in the Maghreb for a long time and a large number of scientists, writers and intellectuals have emerged from it, and this family through its men played a large and prominent role in the political, social and intellectual life in the Maghreb during the reign of the marinid state.Therefore, this research represents a contribution to exploring the depth of the activity of this family in making events and contributing to various political, social and economic affairs in Moroccan society, especially since there are not enough studies and research to define this family and indicate its role in public life during the marinid era, so this research aims to introduce this family and its great role in the course of events different aspects of life Political, social and intellectual spheres.Accordingly, the need calls on researchers to exert more efforts and prepare research and solid scientific studies to establish a strong platform in employing such research to serve the movement of sober and purposeful scientific research to represent a wealth of knowledge documenting the time periods lived in this country and others.The research in its various paragraphs included a serious contribution to achieving its goals above and forming a clear picture of the great and growing role played by this family in the overall events and circumstances experienced by the marinid state.The researcher used the method of presentation, theoretical analysis and the combination between the historical material and the extrapolation of actual reality and the conditions that accompanied the establishment of the marinid state.