The role of British consultants and experts in establishing health institutions in Iraq 1921-1932


  • Alyaa Sabbar Khalf University of Anbar College of Arts
  • Jamal faysal hamd University of Anbar College of Arts


Consultants, experts, health, medical association, Iraq


Those in charge of highlighting the idea of establishing the medical association realized the existence based on their call to develop the country healthily and fill the deficiencies that it was suffering from during that period.This study came to shed light on the role of consultants and experts in establishing health institutions and the extent of their influence in drawing up health policy in Iraq.The issue of establishing health institutions in the third decade of the twentieth century was a great achievement and the first building block of the health base in Iraq. The Iraqi government during the royal era showed interest based on its need for health professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and midwives, by increasing financial funds and providing appropriate buildings. . By reviewing a topic, it became clear to us that foreign consultants and experts played a major role in establishing health institutions, as the British realized after their occupation of Iraq the importance of the health situation because it had an impact on the health of their soldiers, so British doctors like Dr. Hicks played a role in establishing the medical association following the request of the head of the Public Health Department For the city of Baghdad, the Medical Association was formed on the fourteenth of August in 1920 in Baghdad, so all British doctors and others joined it to the association, and that association had an impact on the health situation in Baghdad. From the first moment, the Medical Association played a key role in the establishment of the Iraqi Medical College, as British doctors dominated the presidency and management of the Medical Association. (50), if the goal of the project is to increase the number of national doctors in Iraq by establishing an Iraqi school to study medicine in Baghdad