Towards the university smart libraries for fifth generation 5G internet of mobile phones


  • Ayas Younes Ismail Duhok University - College of Education / Aqrah (Iraq)


the fifth generation network ; mobile phones; smart libraries; university libraries; smart services; virtual reality


The research presents the fifth generation network of Internet in terms of its concept, and the technical development of this network, represented by the network generations that preceded it, As well as clarifying the mechanism of work of this technology and the requirements, techniques and layers it needs, then present the advantages and disadvantages of the fifth generation technology. After that, the current state of smart libraries and information institutions was reviewed in terms of the technical and administrative aspects and the services provided in order to develop a design scheme for a system for the work of smart university libraries within the fifth generation network for mobile phones. Develop a full preception of what libraries can be in the future, and access to modern services, applications and experiences as a result of the application of this network, and this is represented in three aspects: service management, virtual reality and mobile terminals experiences, and smart academic communication. The current challenges and obstacles faced by smart university libraries that limit the exploit the capabilities of the fifth generation network were also presented.The integration of fifth generation networks in smart library represents an inevitable trend to exploit in construction smart libraries and to develop what already exists, and thus its feasibility will be reflected on all knowledge organization institutions with great returns and benefits, regardless of their type and size, especially university libraries. It also opened wide horizons for it to look forward and establish relations at various levels with governments, companies and stakeholders, as the issue is related to the acquisition of big data and the ability to control it.