The concept of state philosophy among some Western philosophers


  • Hassan Abd Ali Kazem Al-Taie Department of History - College of Education for Human Sciences - University of Babylon


Philosopher – state – theory – term – people – land


Philosophers were concerned with the concepts of the state and what this term means. Accordingly, each philosopher presented, according to his theory, a special definition of the concept of the state, and some of them differed from each other in presenting these concepts that explain this term, while some of them agreed on the meaning of the term state and what it indicates. Accordingly, the research touched on the most important concepts that some Western philosophers touched upon. The study of political thought is one of the important studies that the researcher must address and delve into some of its gaps. In this research, I touched on studying the concept of the state among some Western philosophers, and what is its concept from the point of view of each of the Western philosophers, from Plato to Marx. And the opinions of philosophers about the concept of the state, and what are the opinions of each philosopher about how the state arose, what it consists of, and what are its basics on which this state is built. The state, in its capacity as realism of the essential will, in fact, the reality that it receives in its own self-awareness that has been raised to the level of totality, is the rational in itself and for itself. This essential unity is its absolute end in itself, in which freedom obtains its highest value, and in this way this final end has a supreme right towards individuals, whose highest duty is to be members of the state