-Stock market obligations in online trading and the Authority’s oversight - A comparative study


  • Adil Ajeel Ashour Al-Muthanna University. Iraq


Obligations, stock market, online trading, disclosure, data dissemination


In light of the great development witnessed by stock markets at the global level, it has become of great importance to have multiple guarantees for online trading of securities, which are guarantees aimed at preserving securities, and ensuring their safety when trading and settlement, especially in online trading, which is the trend The international market in the global stock market, which leads to the proper functioning of the financial markets based on the dissemination of sufficient information for investors, so that they are aware of the shares that they are trading, and the law has entrusted multiple tasks to the stock market, as the stock market is committed Financial matters regarding regulatory issues, as the stock market must open an electronic record for each broker It is kept according to a pre-prepared form, approved by the Securities Commission, to confirm the principle of control by the said body, and market management, a management consistent with the development in the stock markets, and granting licensing and registration to brokers, in order to reduce risks, achieve transparency and protect the investor, which is reflected In the end, on the activity of the financial markets, which constitute the important economic aspect in each country, hence the Iraqi legislator’s keenness to protect investors, since the process of trading securities is via the Internet and through the website prepared by the broker and the appropriate laws systems that secure online trading.