Legal adaptation of the civil liability of the security facility for the mistakes of its affiliates (Comparative study)


  • Muayyad Ali Hilal Al-Khalidi Karbala University College of Law
  • Haider Hussein Kazem Al-Shammari Karbala University College of Law


security facility, personal error, civil liability, affiliate, subordinate and subordinate


The research was concerned with a statement of the legal adaptation of the tort responsibility of the security facility for the mistakes of its members, as it is one of the vital and important issues, and that the security facility represents a cornerstone of the system in society. Its members practice several administrative, judicial and social functions at the same time. Our research is concerned with clarifying the nature of the harmful acts in which the members of the security facility fall and the ways in which the law deals with these mistakes as one of the subordination relations between the follower and the follower. It also becomes clear to the citizen the extent of the burden placed on the employees of the security facility entrusted with protecting him, ensuring his security and tranquility, preserving his freedom, and preserving his money and honor. This will activate and enrich scientific research in the field of security facility work from the legal side . It contributes to the dissemination of the security culture on scientific grounds for the benefit of society in general and the security services in particular. In order to achieve the goal of the research, it was divided into two sections, the first concerned with the theory of error and the second with the theory of liability, with a statement of the position of Iraqi legislation and comparative laws.