Mongoose in Mesopotamia


  • Samah Ali Khalf Department of Archaeology/College of Literature/University of Babylon


Animal, Mongoose, seals, cylinder, Mesopotamia


Since civilization arose on the land of Mesopotamia ,its light began to shine and extend beyond its borders natural, and has taken place on its land and different times and on its impact , and the civilization has flourished it has its origins in the traditions and methods that link the races despite the presence of natural differences and ethnicity, but the common denominator that characterized this civilization is the methods and artistic achievements distinguished , our research is summarized in the study of the mongoose, which played an important role in the lives of the inhabitants of Mesopotamia to the point of being associated with one of the gods and depicting him greatly on the seals of Mesopotamia, and the beginning of our research focused on the name of this animal in the Arabic and then received his name in Sumeria and Akkadian confirmation sources then a detailed explanation about this animal in terms of its kind ,gender ,locations, spread and finding his bones in the country of Mesopotamia , and deals with the research mention this animal in religious census texts Historical , Literary and economic, the mongoose appeared in the seals of the modern Sumerian era in scenes presentation of a worshiper by a minor deity to the goddess seated on the throne ,and the mongoose is shown in one pose stand on the back of the background near the gods , and the pictures in old Babylon era the main and secondary scenes as the scenes of the appearance before his or her king ,and in the sights for god or in scenes of a man presenting to the king , as well as in scenes of presenting an offering to god and scenes the conflict, and other scenes ,and all shows two status times standing on its background and common again , he is sitting , and the research of the great wearing between the representation of monkey and the sun in seals cylindrical, and many researchers believe that ferret is a monkey because of its small ,inconspicuous shape the research puts forward several points confirming that the ferret is an animal that appeared in Mesopotamia and played an important role it was widely required to appear on the seals of the modern Sumerian era and the ancient Babylonian era