The manifestations of poetic discourse among pre-Islamic and early Islamic veterans


  • Saddam Ali Saleh Al-Farraji Ministry of Education - General Directorate of Education in Anbar Province


Manifestations, poetic discourse, veterans, pre-Islamic, early Islamic


The research aims to study the poetic text of veteran poets by showing the role of the poet in the environment in which he lived, and the research also tries to draw the features of poetic discourse through the data of the times and the events that took place in it, as the features of that discourse change to draw the structure of the poetic text expressive of events The times and the aspirations of poets in embodying their desires and defending their ideas and beliefs. Therefore, we find that poetic discourse differed between the two times, so it came to express the emerging thought adopted by the owners of each era. Moreover, we find poets, especially the poets of the era of Islam, have come out of the tribal nervous circle to replace it with the nervousness of religion. Here, the power of the will is manifested by those who believe in them in rejecting all that they lived for earlier to take a new behavior in which they discharge from all those who violated their approach and belief.In this, I have chosen to take the purposes of Arab poetry as a door to access poetic discourse through which the strength of the word on which the text is based, using the poetic production of the veterans of pre -Islamic and the Sadr of Islam. And how this withdrew from the poet’s speech, and I used to extrapolate the texts and analyze them to reach the power of the discourse of the veteran in both of the two times