Diseases and pests affecting field crops in Al-Shahimiyah district For the agricultural season (2021-2022)


  • Emad Jaber Aflouk Al-Quraishi General Directorate of Education Wasit


field crops, agricultural pests, agricultural diseases, infected area, uninfected area


The research deals with an important topic related to agricultural production and the negative influences that impede the progress of the agricultural process represented by pests and diseases , The first topic included the geographical distribution of field crops and the quantity of production of each crop, while the second topic included a study of one of the problems facing agricultural production for field crops in the Shehimiyah district during the season, Agricultural crops (2021-2022) as well as treatment methods for the purpose of achieving high levels of production for field crops, the research reveals diseases and pests that affect those crops within the study area and their role in the weak production quantities of those crops, The research also showed the reasons that bear the emergence of these life factors, whether natural or human, It reached (3093) dunums and a productivity of (1817) tons / year, The mung crop is also grown with a small area compared to the barbecued grains, which amounted to (4927) dunums and a production amount of (1552) tons / year, Also, the millet crop is grown with an area of (1090) dunums and a productivity of which reached (406) tons/year, while the areas allocated to grain cultivation vary within the agricultural provinces, The research also showed the areas affected by pests, as the study area recorded a number of them (spiders, sunnah, aphids) with an infected agricultural area amounting to (1398) dunums, as for diseases, the infection was recorded (rust, smut, and leaf streaks) with an infected agricultural area amounting to (924) dunums.