Jurisprudential rulings on gold jewellery An Empirical Study))


  • Dhafer Hashim Mahidi Muhammad Saleh


jewellery, gold, money


Gold is one of the currencies mentioned by God Almighty in His Mighty Book and in the Sunnah of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, and the consensus of the Islamic nation, and it has conditions for the sale contract. However, selling gold for the same price as two eighths has conditions, including the exchange in one sitting and the two exchanges being identical when the same kind is united, and if there is There is a difference in which exchange is required in the meeting, and differentiation is prohibited, and poor quality or quality does not matter. The reason for usury in it may be, as the scholars said, the absolute price tag, and the price tag does not depart from gold until the present time.One of the forms of buying and selling is selling gold in kind or selling women's jewelry in different kinds.This study dealt with the subject of (rulings on gold jewellery) and the legal problems regarding gold jewellery, as it is a usurious money for which God Almighty imposed rulings in the field of dealing in buying and selling. It collected the most prominent issues that concern us in our daily transactions and worked on studying them to put them in the hands of a clear vision for researchers. In the field of law. And solve legal problems in a specialized manner.