A study of the characters in the novel " tassara'a Al - khuta by Ahmed khalaf


  • Sayed Muhammad Reda Mustafa Nia
  • Rasoul Dehghan Dhad
  • Zeina Abdel Mohsen Al-Azzawi


Ahmed khalaf, Character, Tassara'a Al khata, Narration


character in narrative work is an important study, since the character is the one who carries out the process of creating the narrative event, and through it the narrative event takes place according to a special narrative pattern. Therefore, studying it was of special importance, and the narrative space cannot be studied in isolation from the study of character, and character in Ahmed’s novels. In general, behind various characters, representing the different classes of society, especially the novel (The Acceleration of Pace), which represents the different social classes, and the research revealed its political, social, and intellectual dimension, as well as the mental, and it weaves together the narrative event, characters capable of conveying the event realistically mixed with narrative imagination, The research was able to monitor the transformations of the characters within this novel, based on detection, monitoring and analysis. The texts of the novel revealed all of that.