Geopolitics of Cyber Threats of Cyberspace on the National Security of the Mashriq Countries


  • Nabhan Zambour Al-Saadi


cybersecurity, cyber geography, cyber risks, cyber attacks


The world today is still in the information technology revolution. The Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and even many new improvements will continue to develop, and the meaning and extension of cyberspace will continue to develop. Many security conflicts facing cyberspace have emerged and are expanding at all levels of technology, politics, and prior education, which Odera geopolitically competes around the fabric of vital tissues such as energy, public transportation and manufacturing. The research aims to reveal the concept of cybersecurity in cyberspace as a field of political geography, and to identify the reality of the strength of cybersecurity in the region of the Arab Levant countries, and to deal effectively with the hidden dangers that threaten Internet security, and to ensure interconnection between networks. The problem revolves around the questions raised by the research, which are: What is the concept and risks of cybersecurity from a geopolitical perspective? What are the levels of cybersecurity in the Arab Levant countries? What is the geopolitical weight of the cybersecurity force of the Arab Levant countries? The research reached several results, the most important of which are: Digital geopolitics represents the mapping of traditional geostrategic thinking in the digital space, and then strengthening and expanding control in the physical space. Some countries of the Arab Levant (Saudi Arabia and the Emirates) were also able to achieve a safe and secure environment by obtaining a classification Very high on the overall cybersecurity strength scale. Most of the countries of the Arab Levant face geopolitical risks to their cybersecurity and therefore their economic, political and social security, such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Jordan from the perspective of cybersecurity standards